Specialty Circuit Boards

Specialty Circuit Boards


Do you need more than a “plain vanilla” PCB?


If an FR-4 printed circuit board is plain vanilla then you might say that USTEK Inc. has 31 flavors and more. Our customers’ specialty circuit boards are a challenge that we meet daily in a cost-effective manner. You make one phone call or e-mail and we address all your needs, saving you precious time and money.

Are you running a high-temperature profile for RoHS? We could support you with the usual high Tg (high glass transition) material at Tg180°C – but we also offer you a cost savings with a close equivalent at Tg170°C.

Would you like to combine two, three, eight, or more rigid PCBs together without a harness? Your solution could be a rigid-flex array from USTEK. This allows you to stuff and solder many boards in a single pass, cutting SMT reflow time and final assembly time as well.

Are you bonding an aluminum heat sink across the back of an FR-4 board? We give you the option of dissipating the heat while reducing your cost and part count; just use one of our family of MCPCBs (metal core printed circuit boards). Perhaps you mount a rigid board to a bracket for mounting in a housing – here again a MCPCB with a post-assembly forming process could cut part count, processing cost and time.

Are you seeking way to differentiate product use by tagging your circuit boards? We offer a spectrum of solder mask colors that will allow immediate identification from across a production floor and in a field use location – and we’ll do it at no surcharge.

Chances are that you have some challenges that would be new to USTEK, we love challenges. Our network of expert design and manufacturing are up to the test!

Some of the USTEK offerings include:

FR-4 Tg130CEM-1Flex Polyimide
FR-4 Tg170CEM-3Aluminum Core Mod. w/mk
FR-4 Tg180Rigid-FlexAluminum Core High w/mk
FR-5Flex Polyester