As copper goes so go PCB prices

  Where has the price of copper been, where is it going, and how does it affect us in the electronics industry?     From the 1990’s to 2004 copper traded in a window of $1 per pound +/- $0.35.  During this same period the price of oil tripled from $20 per barrel to $60 […]

Oh my – Metal too?

Even people who have been our PCB customers for 25 years can be surprised to learn that we are equally involved in custom metal components.  For our metals customers we provide the same personal service, design assistance, and stocking for JIT that you have experienced in our support for your PCB requirements.  This attention to […]

Wide-ranging PCBs fit your needs

The sales staff at USTEK Inc. thank you for your PCB requirements that you have placed with us.  We have worked hard these past 30 years to provide a high level of quality and service coupled with competitive prices and kanban shipments to meet your ever-changing needs. But have you seen the entire range of circuit boards that […]