USTEK Partner Reaches New Heights

The staff at RDD Enterprises, long time friends and business associates, are soaring to new heights – 90,000 feet (over 27 km)! Read about their high altitude research glider at:    

COLOR for PCB Control

Color for PCB Control
Color for PCB Process Control Some colors are so standardized that changing them serves no purpose and could indeed be contra productive or even dangerous.   Change the stop/caution/go lights from red/amber/green to blue/pink /yellow and you will have mass confusion and injury.  If invited to a black tie event you would know what to […]

5 Ways to Evaluate Your Vendors

Do Your Vendors Measure-up?       5 ways to evaluate them according to a global distributor     In some respects these metrics relate to all businesses.  Use them to formulate your company’s own “common core” tests. Increasingly, OEMs see their suppliers as not simply vendors, but as a key asset in realizing their business […]