Specialty Circuit Boards

Specialty Circuit Boards

Do you need more than a “plain vanilla” PCB?

If an FR-4 printed circuit board is plain vanilla then you might say that USTEK Inc. has 31 flavors and more.

Are you running a high-temperature profile for RoHS? We could support you with the usual high Tg (high glass transition) material at Tg180°C – but we also offer you a cost savings with a close equivalent at Tg170°C.

Would you like to combine two, three, eight, or more rigid PCBs together without a harness? Your solution could be a rigid-flex array from USTEK. This allows you to stuff and solder many boards in a single pass, cutting SMT reflow time and final assembly time as well.

Are you seeking a way to differentiate product use by tagging your circuit boards? We offer a spectrum of solder mask colors that will allow immediate identification – and we’ll do it at no surcharge. Do you need more information? Take a look at this article.

Some of the USTEK offerings include:

Tg RangeFlexibilityMaterial Types
FR-4 Tg130CEM-1Ceramic
FR-4 Tg150CEM-3Aluminum Core Mod. w/mk
FR-4 Tg170Rigid-FlexAluminum Core High w/mk
FR-4 Tg180BendFlex
FR-406Flex Polyimide
FR-5Flex Polyester

Flex Board