Specialty Components and Assemblies

Specialty Components

Since 1987 USTEK has been a supplier of custom-made electrical and metal components. Throughout our 35+ years in business, we have come to understand that some electrical projects have highly unique requirements and restrictions that necessitate the use of specialized components. Our worldwide network of specialty manufacturing facilities enables us to deliver parts and products meeting nearly any customer’s needs.

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Our Specialty Components

We can accommodate a wide range of specialty components needs, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Chargers
  • Chokes
  • Connectors
  • Contacts
  • EMI/RFI control elements
  • Enclosures
  • Fasteners
  • Filters
  • Harnesses
  • Heat sinks
  • Inductors
  • Keyboards
  • LED arrays
  • Magnetics
  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Transformers
  • Turrets

In addition to these specialty components, we offer the following complex products:

Cable Assemblies


Cable assemblies are groups of cables or wires enclosed within a durable outer covering, most frequently terminated with connectors. They are designed to keep the cables and wires organized and protected within demanding environments and carry power and information throughout electronic equipment.

Coaxial Assemblies

Coaxial cable assemblies—also referred to as radio frequency (RF) cable assemblies—transmit signal and radio frequency within the megahertz range. They can be made with a variety of cable and connector types to suit different applications.

Overmolded Assemblies

Overmolded cable assemblies are that combine the wires/cables and connectors into a single and seamless unit. They are created by placing a cable assembly inside a mold and then injecting molten plastic into the mold cavity. When the material cools and hardens, it maintains the shape of the mold covering the junction between the wire and connector.

Flat Flex Cable Assemblies

Flex cable assemblies—also known as flexible flat cable (FFC) assemblies —are cable assemblies that use cables that are flat and flexible. This cable design enables them to be used in tight spaces (e.g., small electronic devices).

Fluidic Tubing Systems

Fluidic tubing systems enable fluids to enter, flow through, and exit a system. They can be used for a variety of fluid types, such as chemicals, wastes, and water, depending on the application.


Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Ribbon cable assemblies—also known as flat ribbon cable assemblies and planar cable assemblies—consist of multiple cables/wires and, generally, insulation displacement connector (IDC) terminations. The cables/wires in these systems are placed flat and parallel to each other, forming a ribbon shape that’s ideal for use in tight spaces.

Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses consist of wires and cables enclosed within a simpler outer sheath. The sheath is primarily used to keep the cables and wire organized rather than protect them since they are already covered.

Wire Leads

Wire leads are used to connect two separate electrical or electronic components. One example is hook-up wires, which are used in low-voltage, low-current applications.

An infographic that depicts USTEK's specialty components and assembly offerings

Why Partner With USTEK for Your Specialty Component Needs?

Industry professionals have trusted in USTEK for their specialty component needs for over 35 years. After we’ve evaluated designs for efficiency, price, application use, and quality, we can source the necessary components quickly and economically. Our specialty manufacturing facilities across the globe enable us to supply customers with connectors from Italy, machined magnetics from the US, network subassemblies and inductors from India, China and Taiwan, and more. All of the sources we use are ISO-certified and vetted by our staff.

If you’re searching for specialty components, USTEK is here to provide you with the best solutions from reliable manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or get started on your solution.

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